Universal Dimming Module
Product Highlight

Work with a wide range of ZigBee® compatible gateways for home automation

Controlled by iOS / Android devices with app through gateway or INGENIUM® ZB remote controllers directly

Intelligent auto dimming mode which selects the best suited dimming mode for the attached end devices automatically

Connects up to 250VA LED devices or 500VA resistive/inductive loads for appliances in total

Available for individual on/off, dimming, group control and scene control

Seamless dimming performance from 100-10%

Saves energy smartly by scheduling to on/off automatically

Compact in size, which allows installing the module behind wall switch for easy installation

Allows pairing or factory reset with the mains switch

Technical Specification

Model No.:




Max. Output:

Typical 250VA(LED), or 500VA (resistive / inductive loads)


100-10% (by INGENIUM® ZB control)

Dimming Type:

Leading-edge and Trailing-edge (default leading-edge)


3 wires (live, output and neutral) optional switch wiring for direct control with debounce switch

Operating Temp.:

-20℃ to +45℃


Compatible with INGENIUM® ZB Products

Dimension (mm):

44(L) x 47(W) x 12(H)

Working with
Magnetic ON/OFF Sensor
PIR Sensor
Handheld Controller
Wall-Mounted Controller
Scene Controller

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