3rd April, 2023

MEGAMAN® MILENA PRO Delivers Low-glare, Flicker-free Lighting, Ensuring Optimal Visual Comfort

MEGAMAN® announced today the debut of MEGAMAN® MILENA PRO integrated LED downlight, an energy efficient yet powerful downlight with excellent uniformity of light distribution.

31st March, 2023

Connected and Smart Living Begins with MEGAMAN® Infinite IoT Lighting Solution

MEGAMAN® an innovator and manufacturer of lighting solutions, has launched its new Infinite IoT Lighting Solution series, which combines smart lighting and energy efficiency in a single solution.

6th October, 2021

MEGAMAN® launches its latest High Bay offering – GEO 2

MEGAMAN® has expanded its impressive product portfolio with the launch of GEO 2, a new and innovative integrated LED high bay lighting system. The system, which can be controlled remotely for ultimate ease of use, provides a durable and energy efficient lighting solution, ideal for all indoor commercial high ceiling areas.

8th January, 2021

MEGAMAN® Redefines Outdoor Floodlight with TITO Series: Instant Flicker-free Lighting with Fast Payback

MEGAMAN® today announced the launch of TITO Outdoor Floodlight for a wide range of outdoor applications where visibility and safety are important. Designed to perfectly replace HID (high intensity discharge) floodlights, TITO provides instant flicker-free light, with a high luminous efficacy up to 164 lumen per watt.

19th October, 2020

MEGAMAN® TEGO 2 Integrated Downlight with Interchangeable Front Bezel Offers in-situ Selectable CCT and Beam Angles

MEGAMAN®, a global brand in high-performance, energy-efficient lighting, is pleased to announce today the launch of TEGO 2 integrated LED downlight, enhancing user experience with easily changeable lighting options and contemporary designs.

14th October, 2020

MEGAMAN® RENZO Modular LED Bulkhead offer a full aspect of flexibility of stock management

MEGAMAN®, a leading innovator in LED lighting, announced today the debut of RENZO Modular LED Bulkhead (RENZO Modular), an energy efficient integrated LED luminaire with a wide range of lumen packages and surface or wall mounted options.
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