Handheld Controller
Product Highlight

Sleek and stylish appearance to ypgrade your smart home design

Alternative control when smart device and gateway are unused

Retains control to INGENIUM® ZB LED light sources and dimming modules when gateway is out of service

Simplest way to control INGENIUM® ZB system, ease of use for elderly and children

Equipped with magnetic holder for detachable design, allows portable local control or fixing to a location

All on.off, dimming control and group control to INGENIUM® ZB lighting

LED button depressed indication

Technical Specification

Model No.:



2pcs of 3V CR2032 Lithium cell battery


Max. 4 groups


ON/OFF and dimming

Accessories included:

Magnetic holder and 2 pcs of 3V CR2032 battery


Compatible with INGENIUM® ZB Products

Dimension (mm):

140(L) x 43(W)

Working with
RGBW Colour Changing LED Classic
LED Classic
Dimming Module
TECOH®THx LED Light Engine
Universal Dimming Module
LED Candle

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