Abica Wine Bar

Location: La Coruña, Spain

Throughout the stunning Abica wine bar, in La Coruña, Spain, the latest in LED technology from MEGAMAN® ensures that energy efficient and low-maintenance lighting go hand in hand with a sophisticated ambience, promoting long-term success.


Abica, in La Coruña, is part of the Hostelea Group franchise of Galician wineries. When it opened its doors in June 2009, the winery wanted to do things differently. As well as bringing a wide range of Galician wines to the Spanish public, the Abica franchise wanted to bring a wine experience to its customers that would also combine Galacian foods and arts in a sophisticated, yet relaxed setting. The Hostelea Group also wanted the Abica franchise template to be easy to replicate, have built in energy efficiencies and be easy to maintain.


With this in mind, Anton Saez Perez, manager at Abica, worked closely with Miguel Perez at MEGAMAN® to maximise energy and maintenance savings. Anton explains further: “We wanted to choose a store design that not only looked good but which, as a franchise template, was sustainable and could be replicated easily. By choosing to light the space with spot lit areas within the restaurant, tapas and delicatessen areas, we have been able to communicate a sophisticated, yet relaxed mood to our Galacian winery experience.”


By choosing to use lamps from MEGAMAN®’s LED Reflector Series, including 140 of the company’s LED AR111 14W range and 20 of MEGAMAN®’s LED PAR16 7W light sources, Abica in La Coruña has also been able to achieve significant energy and cost efficiencies, compared with the traditional halogen reflectors the lamps replace. These cost savings equate to These cost savings equate to €31,065 over the lifetime of the lamps.


In addition to these significant cost savings per outlet, Abica is also very pleased with the light performance and life-span of the lamps. Both MEGAMAN® LED AR111 range and the LED PAR16 7W light sources bring together the energy efficient benefits of LED lamps with advanced MEGAMAN® reflector technology. With unrivalled light performance the LED AR111 range combines the ultimate in directional display lighting and energy efficiency with long lamp life. The LED AR111 range has a lamp life of up to 40,000 hours, compared to the 4,000 hours of the halogen spotlights it replaces.


The end result at Abica in La Coruña is a lit environment that is warm, welcoming and long-lasting and thanks to the latest in MEGAMAN® LED lamp technology, consumes only a fraction of the energy of its halogen equivalents.


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