MARCO Track Lighting (Integrated)

Dual Beam Technology

White (WH12)
Black (BK12)
Rotate 330
Tilt 90
Class II

Integrated LED Luminaire
Photometric Diagram
Lux-cone Diagram
Photometric Diagram
Lux-cone Diagram
Model no.:


Electrical Data
Voltage (V) 220-240V
Power Factor (λ) > 0.9
Product Data
Product Wattage (W) 52
Beam Angle (°) 25, 45
Rotating Angle (°) 330
Tilting Angle (°) 90
Colour Temperature (K) Warmwhite (3000K), Coolwhite (4000K)
Colour Render Index (Ra) ≥ Ra80
Colour White (WH12), Black (BK12)
Materials Aluminium
Protection Class Class Ⅱ
Colour Consistency (SDCM) ≤3
Dimmable No
Operating Temperature -30°C to +40°C
Weight (g) 1225
Application Hotels, Museums, Restaurants, Shop Lighting, Showrooms
Performance Data
Max. Luminous Intensity (cd) 25000 [25°], 10000 [45°]
Luminous Flux (lm) 4800
Luminous Efficacy (lm/W) 92
Rated Life (hrs) 50000hrs at L70 B50 at Ta 25°C
IP Rating IP20
Product Dimensions
Diameter (mm) 110
Height (mm) 248

LA10054 Spread lens
LA10055 Rectangular lens
LA10056 Honeycomb louvre
LA10058 Coloured filter (Red)
LA10059 Coloured filter (Yellow)
LA10060 Coloured filter (Blue)
LA10061 Coloured filter (Green)


  • Dual Beam Technology
    The innovative Dual Beam Technology empowers commercial users to have two beam angles in one single lamp/luminaire. It offers high flexibility of changing the beam angles onsite for different application requirements.