MEGAMAN® Attained HDE Golden Palace Award 2019

[China – 6 May 2019] MEGAMAN® is pleased to attain the Top 10 of the Golden Palace Award from Shanghai Hospitality Design and Supplies Expo (HDE 2019) for the third consecutive year.

The award ceremony "Dreams of The Future” was held on the evening of 26th April. Mr. Ray Kwan, Chairman of MEGAMAN® (China) Lighting Co., Ltd. received the award on the stage.

During the three-day exhibition from 25th to 27th April, MEGAMAN® unveiled an intelligent control system for luxury hotel washrooms and changing rooms, creating inspiring ambience with an extraordinary lighting effect.

Visitors were welcome to experience the smart LED lighting in the luxurious washrooms with morning, day and night modes. Thanks to the application of Perfect White technology and dimming feature in hotel environment, it does not only illuminate the space but also projects a sense of cleanliness with pure white luminance. This further enhances the impression of the hotel’s cleaning standards. They were able to create different atmospheres by changing colour temperatures of lighting fixtures.

For the changing rooms, MEGAMAN® provided three lighting modes for visitors: sports, evening dress and casual wear. Visitors could select a desirable lighting effect to fit every occasion.  MEGAMAN® lighting control system ensures minimum energy consumption, facilitates a comfortable environment and makes any space seem brighter and better.

LED is an evolving technology which corresponds to the rapid growth of IoT-connected devices, MEGAMAN® is committed to bring customers the best and design-driven lighting solutions.



MEGAMAN® is a global trusted brand in energy-efficient lighting. Originated in Germany, we are passionate about original design and high-quality, and have solely focused on energy-efficient lighting products since our inception in 1994. MEGAMAN®’s product and service offerings have evolved over time to meet the every-changing demands of the dynamic market. We thrive to be the leading lighting solution provider. We have made customer experience the central element to everything that we do as well as put future lighting technology within reach of our customers today.

MEGAMAN® has led the lighting industry with groundbreaking innovations that serve professional and consumer markets. Our products are distributed throughout the world mainly in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

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