MEGAMAN® Survey Shows Lighting is Big Business for Hospitality Sector

(Hong Kong – 31 Dec 2015) A new MEGAMAN® sponsored survey* of hospitality professionals has found that lighting is an integral part of the package when it comes to encouraging guests to stay longer and make repeat visits to a restaurant, hotel or bar.

Hospitality lighting matters!

  • 86% of hospitality professionals believe lighting plays a very important role in the customer experience
  • Only 1% of those surveyed think lighting is of no importance in the customer experience


Good lighting encourages guests to stay longer and come back for more

  • 72% have left a venue earlier than planned because it was too brightly or poorly lit
  • 74% have stayed longer than planned because the lighting made them feel relaxed and welcome


A well lit venue is ….

  • “somewhere that draws you in” (36% of respondents)
  • “somewhere to spend time” (34%)
  • “somewhere to go back to” (26%)
  • None of the above (4%)

Up front lighting refurbishment costs are less important than ambience

When making decisions on new lighting in a venue, hospitality professionals say that key considerations are:

  • The effect and ambience of the new lighting (67%)
  • The ability of staff to dim the lights (43%)
  • Energy bill/CO2 savings (31%)
  • The up front costs (23%)

43% of those surveyed have been involved in a lighting refurbishment in their present or previous venue and said:

  • The new lighting has been well received by customers – 84% of customers gave positive feedback on the lighting refurbishment
  • Good lighting boosts business - 91% think the lighting refurbishment has had a positive impact on business in terms of an up-lift in sales or profits



Education still needed about the benefits of LEDs

  • Only half of all hospitality professionals (49%) think a halogen lamp ban next year would be a positive change for them
  • 36% say it would not affect them at all
  • 15% think that a ban will have a negative impact on them


Fred Bass, Managing Director of Neonlite International Ltd, the brand owner of MEGAMAN®, comments:  “This survey supports what we are seeing in our day to day business within the hospitality sector – good quality lighting is appreciated and a well lit scheme attracts customers who stay longer and spend more.  However, the one area where I think we are at the cusp of a tipping point is in the understanding of the benefits of LEDs amongst the majority of those in the hospitality sector.  Although half of those surveyed say that they think the banning of halogen lights and introduction of LED equivalents would be positive, there are still another half who are unsure.  As more and more bars, restaurants and hotels experience the benefits of the latest in LED lighting technology, I believe we will see a dramatic sea-change in favour of LEDs.”


*Survey carried out amongst 236 hospitality professionals by Big Hospitality for MEGAMAN® during October 2015.



MEGAMAN® is a global brand in high-performance, energy-efficient lighting and an innovative leader in LED bulbs and luminaires, with technology targeting the best eco-lighting solutions. MEGAMAN® originated in Germany, our inception since 1994. MEGAMAN® products and service offering have evolved over time to meet the every-changing demands of the dynamic market. By setting environmental management as one of the company's highest priorities, MEGAMAN® is focusing on eco-friendly environmental processes from initial design, to manufacturing, research and development, and the disposal and recycling of its products.

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