MEGAMAN® LuxMeter in Traditional Chinese is Available Now!

(Hong Kong – 11 Apr 2012) As an innovative market leader in the energy-efficient lighting industry, MEGAMAN® is proud to announce an updated version of the MEGAMAN® LuxMeter, which is now available in the iTunes app store. The app is now available in Traditional Chinese, and it includes the latest LED and CFL product recommendations and a listing of the MEGAMAN® Concept Stores.

The MEGAMAN® LuxMeter was launched in the iTunes app store in August 2011. The free iPhone app analyses indoor lighting and provides practical lighting solutions to meet a variety of needs and ease pressing environmental challenges.

To cater to market needs on lighting in Asian markets, a Traditional Chinese version of the MEGAMAN® LuxMeter is now available, eliminating language barriers and enabling Asian users to make better use of the app.

In line with the rapid development of lighting products, recently launched LED lamps and CFLs products have been added to the LuxMeter and Lamp Finder to provide the latest lighting information to users. The latest version of the app also includes an update to the listing of MEGAMAN® Concept Stores, including the new and convenient Tsuen Wan store in Hong Kong.

To experience the latest MEGAMAN® LuxMeter, please download the free app from the iTunes app store.