Plan for the Ban

The Campaign

Our #planfortheban campaign was months in the making, but was developed on a hunch and the suspicion that there is a lot of confusion around the halogen ban. Especially what is being banned, and when.

Last week we launched the campaign with an e-shot and the response overwhelmingly confirmed my suspicions. Within minutes, we had dozens of responses telling us to ‘check your facts’ or ‘stop trying to promote a non-existent event’ (although these were some of the harsher responses) the generally agreed view from all respondents was that the ban wasn’t coming into effect until 2018, one person even suggested the reflector halogen ban was postponed until 2020!

Although this was worrying (we are, after all, talking about Electricians and Lighting professional and not consumers) it also justified our overall approach to the ban and campaign. If the recipients of our e-shot are a representation of national and even European understanding, then there really is a need for this campaign and much work to be done to change the common misconceptions around the ban.


Much of the confusion has been caused by the fact non-directional halogen lamps will be phased out as of 2018 (this is due to EU directive EC 244/2009 that was originally scheduled for September 2016 and was then pushed back to 2018).

The other EU directive (EC 1194/2012) relates to directional halogen lamps and this ban has not been delayed, so they will be phased out from September 2016.


As part of a review of the lighting directive EC 1194/2012 four criteria needed to be assessed before a phase-out could be confirmed. Issues of ‘affordability’ were under scrutiny, as well performance, equivalence to existing models and compatibility. The EU confirmed that there was absolutely no reason to delay the ban on mains voltage directional halogen lamps, as all four of the criteria had been sufficiently met. Meaning many common halogen reflector lamps are affected by the ban. Including ‘D’ rated GU10s.

The below table outlines what will be banned in September 2016. See the full table for what will be banned in 2018

What next?

With any ban comes confusion. Even if we as a lighting community are well versed with the transition from legacy lighting to LEDs, the wider world is still unsure. And this really is the whole reason for our #planfortheban campaign and the new website, to highlight the up and coming ban of directional halogen reflector lamps and to inform and educate people of the benefits of LEDs and the excellent range of alternatives that are now available.