2016 has been a huge year in lighting, so let’s recap on our top 5 blogs and top 5 news stories!

The Top 5 Blogs of 2016

Coming in at number 5 >>

5) In November we launched our MEGAMAN® Meets blog. We’ve met up with some very inspiring designers and Elisa Artesero was our first in the series. Read about her thoughts on lighting here… MEGAMAN® Meets Elisa Artesero

And at 4 we’re looking through the lens >>

4) It was MEGAMAN®s biggest European event of the year, and it did not disappoint. We welcomed hundreds of excited visitors to our 2 stands at Light + Building in Frankfurt in March. Read the full story: Light + Building through a lens

Hitting your screen at 3 >>

3) Earlier this year we voiced our opinions and capabilities on The Internet of Things (IoT)… Was it all hype or are the capabilities very real? Read the full article here: The Internet of Things, a revolution that will change the world!

Lighting up number 2, or should I say ‘lights out’? >>

2) The latest phase of the Halogen ban passed in September so we compared Halogen products to ‘like for like’ LED replacements… We also launched our social media campaign and had a bit of fun on twitter with potential cost savings… Let us know how much you saved? Read the full story here: Lights out for halogen reflector lamps

The biggest blog of 2016 is… >>

1) One of the biggest changes in Lighting in general happened this year with the ban on inefficient halogen reflectors in September. MEGAMAN® helped push through the ban plus clearing up confusion on the ban… It was incredible to see how many lighting professionals didn’t quite know fully about the ban! Read the full story here: Plan for the Ban

Top 5 News Stories

Innovation hits at number 5 >>

5) MEGAMAN® launched many exciting products and innovations at Light + Building 2016, and the crowds did not disappoint… Check out our trade shows in 2017 for more exciting news! Read the full article here: MEGAMAN® Enjoys Double Success at Light + Building 2016

A very eco feel to our number 4 >>

4) MEGAMAN® aimed to encourage people to adopt a low-carbon, energy saving lifestyle by turning to eco-friendly LED bulbs! A portion of the proceeds from the sales went to WWF for supporting the organisations work in conservation and education. Read the full story here: MEGAMAN® Joins Hands with WWF to Address Climate Change by Encouraging the Use of Eco-friendly LED Bulbs

Launching itself into 3 >>

3) Another showcase year for MEGAMAN® in which we launched the fantastic Hybrid Reflector Lamp! Did you know, it’s also compatible with MEGAMAN®s U-DIM technology! Read the full article here: MEGAMAN® Launches Hybrid Reflector LEDs – Excellent Optics, Higher Efficacy and Better Beam Control

2’s a crowd in San Diego >>

2) We were delighted to make great strides in the North American market last year and were further delighted to pull both our strong heritages together and showcase at LightFair International 2016! Read the full story here: MEGAMAN® and ConTech Partnership Continues at LightFair International 2016

First prize goes to >>

1) We’re so proud to be at the forefront of innovation at MEGAMAN® and in July 2016 we received a Which? Best Buy for our MEGAMAN® 5W Filament Classic LED! Hopefully more of the same in 2017… Read the full story here: MEGAMAN® LED Filament Lamp Achieves a Which? Best Buy

Thank you for all your support in 2016 and we look forward to sharing exciting news with you in 2017!