LED Components

The MEGAMAN® TECOH® LED range consists of high performance LED Light Engines (LLE's) and modules.

TECOH® RDx (non-socketable for remote electronic driver)
The TECOH® RDx are round disc LED modules which are non-socketable and require an external electronic driver. The TECOH® RDx modules are designed in line with Zhaga Interface Specification Book 3 and offer lumen packages of 1690 up to 8310lm.

TECOH® FLx(non-socketable for remote electronic driver)
The MEGAMAN® TECOH® FLx is a range of rectangular shaped LED modules designed, where available, in line with Zhaga Interface Specification Book 7.

TECOH® DFx(socketable for remote electronic driver)
TECOH® DFx are compact, rectangular shaped LED modules specially designed for ambient lighting. Multiple units can be connected for vaious luminaire sizes.

TECOH® PLx (non-socketable for remote electronic driver)
The TECOH® PLx are hand-shaped LED modules. These highly efficient modules are the ideal fluorescent alternatives for flat luminaires with diffuse covers. PLx modules are self-cooling and so do not need specially designed heat-sinks for reliable operation.

TECOH® APx(non-socketable with integrated electronic driver)
TECOH® APx is an LED light engine with on board driver for easy installation. TECOH® APx operates directly from the mains. This LLE option allows a LED upgrade in fixtures lacking space for external driver integration.

TECOH® THx (non-socketable with integrated and remote electronic driver options)
TECOH® THx modules and LED Light Engines offer an alternative to the higher energy consuming PAR16, AR111 and MR16 halogen products. All solutions have optics built-in, some versions even have the driver built into the LLE to allow an easy tough unique upgrade to highly efficient LED lighting.

TECOH® RLx(non-socketable forremote electronic driver)
The TECOH® RLx are round shaped constant current LED modules mainly intended for general lighting applications. The modules are to be used with a diffuse cover. The RLx modules allows for cost competitive LED upgrades.

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