LED Panel Smart Lighting

MEGAMAN® has launched its new generation of ESTELA Recessed LED louvre panels, perfectly replace traditional 3x24W T5 and 3x18W T8 fluorescent louvre fittings with higher lumen efficacy and better energy-saving. The 90° beam angle means it is an ideal solution for uniform lighting that seamlessly blends into any commercial and public-sector buildings.

The ESTELA series is available in a 30W square or rectangular version. It is lightweight and facilitates easy installation, yet the I-beam design ensures it is a robust option. Mountable on exposed and concealed T-bar ceilings, the recessed LED louvre panels feature an integrated switched version or external DALI dimming driver version, making it ideal for retrofit scenarios. It provides superb performance of lumen efficacy up to 130lm/W and rated life of 50,000 hours.

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