Smart Lighting

The Next Chapter

MEGAMAN® offers INGENIUM® Smart Lighting Solutions which give you full control, via your smart device or remote control, of the on/off, dimming and scene setting of the environment. Its ease of use, simple installation and scalability makes INGENIUM® perfect for an endless list of applications.


Upgraded Easy-install Smart Lighting Solution With Bluetooth 4.1

Making its debut at the Lighting Fair, MEGAMAN®'s upgraded version of INGENIUM®BLU is packed with new features and enhancements. Giving users simultaneous control of up to 8 times more lamps or devices (64) than with its first generation products, the upgraded INGENIUM® BLU system also boasts improved dimming performance with a range of 100%-5%.

The upgraded INGENIUM® BLU Generation 2 system uses a mesh network topology - a key network architecture that extends the coverage area several times wider than before and allows for the control of substantially more lamps-all while using less of your smart device's battery power.

Providing easy integration and outstanding value, the INGENIUM® BLU range has also been extended to include the SIENA LED Downlight, as well as the much-loved LED Classic and PAR16 GU10 providing a variety of options for all applications.



Scalable and Interoperable Smart Lighting System for High-end Applications

INGENIUM® ZB is a brand new range based on a common standard that acts as a bridge between general lighting and full smart home solutions.

Using the ZigBee® protocol, INGENIUM® ZB allows users to gain wireless control over all of their INGENIUM® ZB lighting products. Compatible with many other ZigBee® smart home solutions, INGENIUM® ZB works with it's very own gateway, or popular third-party ZigBee® compatible super-gateways to add quality lighting to modern smart home solutions.

Another big advantage of INGENIUM® ZB is that it is scalable, providing a wider wireless coverage utilizing mesh network technology to allow control of over 200 lamps simultaneously.

Ideal for the professional and high-end consumer market, INGENIUM® ZB is available in LED Classic lamps and INGENIUM® ZB luminaires.